I love making new things out of old things. It’s the challenge of it all. The leftover material from my bridesmaid dresses (25 years ago) is now holding back the curtains in the sunroom. Our gagri (water carrier) from Nepal is now sitting in the living room, holding up the Christmas tree every December. Our faded curtains from Nepal have come back to Australia and turned into comfy cushions in the den. I love the way that the new things connect our old worlds and remind us of other seasons and lessons learnt. But now I’m recycling again! This time it’s words. Back in August last year, someone suggested that I turn some of my writing into short stories for the radio. So I went back and read all six books, 200 talks and 36 magazine articles… and I found 100 new short stories! It was wonderful. I really enjoyed reading them and re-writing them, and I was definitely reminded of other seasons and lessons learnt – lessons that I needed to learn again! The good thing about recording them is that it has given me the chance to do exactly that. Even the two producers have been asking me wonderful questions about what it means for me, today. I’m still working on the answers! But in the meantime, you can find the first ten on the ‘Everyday Stories with Naomi Reed’ radio page, or you could listen to 45 of them on Inspire Digital – they’re being played every weekday at 1.50pm and 10.50pm.

Enjoy! And I’ll keep thinking about the answers and application, today.