Naomi Reed is a gifted communicator who loves to use honest, everyday stories to remind us that even in the hardest moments, God has not forgotten us.

Hi there!
It’s autumn, 2024, and Darren and I have been in our new home, in the Central West, for more than a year! We’re still loving the big skies, the space to breathe, the fields of sheep, and the gorgeous autumn colours. Even more than that, we’re thankful for our new church family and the gift of new friends at this stage of life. God’s timing and preparation has been beautifully evident, again!

Part of our move here was with the desire to support smaller, rural churches, further afield. After years of dreaming about it, we have actually purchased a second-hand Avan and we have begun to to take Faith Stories on the ROAD. Hooray! So far, we’ve enjoyed sharing at churches in Victor Harbour, Coolah, Parkes and also an Easter Festival at Portland. Next week, we’re off to West Wyalong, then Coonabarabran, Glen Innes… and maybe the Northern Territory in July.

The background to this is that I finished writing 300 ‘Faith Stories’ for Eternity News last year. It was so encouraging! The stories were published on the Eternity News website over a four-year period. After the last story, I paused and read them all again. They stirred my soul. I then wrote a book, including 63 of the stories as well as lots of reflections on the way God is at work in the world, drawing people to himself in Christ. I submitted the manuscript to Acorn Press and they loved it. Their plan is to release the book, ‘Every moment, everywhere’ in August this year. More details to come!  

In the meantime, we’re busy on the road, trying to keep an eye on the map, as well as the scenery, and the new friends everywhere! If you would like us to visit your church please send me a message on my Facebook page (My Seventh Monsoon). I’d love to hear from you! I will try and post updates and photos, whenever we have reception!

With thanks again for your prayers and encouragement,


Naomi Reed




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Naomi is the author of twelve books and one audio book. She began writing in Nepal in 2005, while she and her husband and three sons were living through their seventh monsoon. It began as a means of survival and soon became a love of storytelling. Naomi kept writing even after the rain stopped, firstly the sequel to ‘My Seventh Monsoon’ and then ten other books.

Radio - Everyday Stories

Naomi has recorded 320 radio segments and they are available on this site as well as on Media Point for use by radio broadcasters around Australia.

Storytelling and Speaking

Naomi speaks regularly at churches and larger conventions. Her style is a mixture of creative storytelling and Biblical encouragement. She loves to share on the theme of seasons, the body of Christ, God’s enabling, our true home and having a heart for mission. As well as this, she also presents Biblical portions in first-person dramatic style, enjoying the opportunity to present the gospel message in a fresh and tangible way.

The Zookeeper

The Zookeeper – a tale of unimaginable love, is an original narrative by Naomi Reed, written to appeal to a wide audience of children and families. It tells the Biblical story, from creation to recreation, through the use of engaging allegory. The Zookeeper is available as a 64-page children’s chapter book (illustrated by Stephen Reed), a live storytelling by Naomi, and a ten-part Zookeeper lesson plan, perfect for schools and churches. As well as that, ‘The Zookeeper’ children’s chapter book is available in Nepali!

The Conductor

In 2019, Naomi and her son, Stephen Reed, jointly released ‘The Conductor’. This is a 56-page illustrated children’s chapter book, all about the Conductor who loves his instruments and who longs for them to play together in harmony. They struggle to do that! Naomi also performs the story live (in her own warmly compelling style) at churches and larger conventions, as an encouragement for all of us to be the body of Christ.

INF Ambassador

In November 2017, Naomi took on a new role, as an ambassador for the International Nepal fellowship (INF). The INF is an international Christian mission, working in Nepal since 1952, and aiming to empower the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in Nepal, through health and community development. Naomi and Darren themselves served in Nepal with INF for six years, from 1993-1996, and from 2003-2006. If you would like to hear Naomi speak about the work in Nepal through INF, or if you would like to arrange a ‘Nepali event’ at your church or organisation, please go to the contact page of this website.

Naomi Reed

Naomi Reed

Writer and Speaker

Naomi Reed is a writer and speaker who grew up in Sydney and studied physiotherapy with her husband Darren. They spent six years in Nepal with a medical mission (INF/Interserve) and during that time Naomi began to write. The ten resulting books have become best-sellers in the Christian market. The family are now based in the Blue Mountains where Naomi is writing, speaking, and trying to keep up with their three sons and mad beagle.

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