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It’s Spring in the Blue Mountains and that’s a wonderful thing. In our garden, the roses are budding and the snapdragons are making me smile every morning. But even more exciting than that, for me, is that I finally submitted my sixth book to the publisher! Hooray! This is the book that Interserve commissioned me to write at the beginning of 2013. It aims to tell some of the best stories of faith and mission from Asia and the Arab world, over the last 20 years… and it’s been wonderful for me – traveling to new places and meeting partners and writing up their stories. If I had stayed awake for a year, I don’t think I could have dreamed up a more inspiring or enjoyable project! My special thanks to everyone who prayed for me during my travels, as well as during the interviewing and editing process. I’ll let you know when I hear about a release date.

In other news, Darren has finished his PhD (woohoo!) and the boys are all well… and we’re looking forward to a walking/camping holiday in the Kosciusko region in December. Before that though, The Zookeeper team and I have two performances, at William Clark College and Abbotsford Anglican Church. And I’m performing ‘Mary Remembers’ at two churches and a women’s prison. And in my spare time, I’ve decided to write and record 100 snippets for Australian Christian radio stations, to be broadcast next year. Isn’t that a good idea?

I’d love to be in contact with you. If you want to buy any of my books, go to the book page. If you want to know where I’m speaking, go to the events page. If you want to know what I’m thinking, go to the latest news page. Actually, there may not be anything new there, so in that case head over to my facebook page.

With love from the Blue Mountains, Australia

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