Naomi Reed is a gifted communicator who loves to use honest, everyday stories to remind us that even in the hardest moments, God has not forgotten us.

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It’s summer in the Blue Mountains, and that’s usually nice… because I love BBQ’s on our back deck, and Jacaranda trees and daylight savings. But this year, the plants are wilting a bit, and Darren and I have just returned from a Nepali winter, so we’re feeling the Australian heat more than usual! However, being back in Nepal was wonderful! It felt like we both had time to reflect on the last 23 years of our comings and goings from Nepal, and to catch a glimpse of the way God works in individual lives, over decades (including ours!). If you would like to know more, please go to my latest blog.

In other news, we released ‘The Zookeeper’ children’s chapter book in October! Hooray! I love Stephen’s 27 illustrations and I think they really make the message come alive in a different medium. Thank you especially to those of you who have purchased copies and shared them. One lovely lady in Sydney brought 26 copies for Christmas hampers at her church, which is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote it. I’d love churches and organisations to see its potential as outreach material. And I’m still working on the ten-part Zookeeper lesson plan for use in schools and beach missions next year, so I’d love prayer for that too.

If you would like a copy of any of my books, including ‘The Zookeeper’, please go to my book page. If you would like to hear any of my recent radio stories, please go to the ministries page. If you would like to be in contact, or make a booking, please send me a message on the contact page. I’d love to hear from you!

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Naomi is the author of six books and one audio book. She began writing in Nepal in 2005, while she and her husband and three sons were living through their seventh monsoon. It began as a means of survival and soon became a love of storytelling. Naomi kept writing even after the rain stopped, firstly the sequel to ‘My Seventh Monsoon’ and then four other books.

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Radio - Everyday Stories

Naomi has recorded 140 radio segments and they are available on this site as well as on Media Point for use by radio broadcasters around Australia.

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Creative Storytelling

In 2008, Naomi was studying Old Testament at SMBC and decided to write her way through the Bible using the voices of women. A year later, ‘The Promise’ was released and its audio version followed as a 7 CD set. Naomi now regularly performs these monologues in churches and larger conventions, particularly loving the opportunity to present the gospel message in a fresh and tangible way.

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The Zookeeper

The Zookeeper – a tale of unimaginable love, is an original narrative by Naomi Reed, written to appeal to a wide audience of children and families. It tells the whole Biblical story, from creation to recreation, through the use of engaging allegory. The Zookeeper is available as a 64 page children’s chapter book (illustrated by Stephen Reed), an audio book (with music by Bruce Wheatley), a live performance and a ten-part Zookeeper lesson plan, perfect for schools and churches.

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Bible Thematic Talks

Naomi also speaks regularly at churches and large conventions, giving down-to-earth Biblical messages on the themes of seasons, God’s enabling, the body of Christ, comparison, our true home and the heart of mission.

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Naomi is currently working on a Television series to be filmed in Australia, Nepal and possibly two other countries. It seeks to capture the heart of our human longings and the answers and hope that we find in Jesus.

More information to follow!

Naomi Reed

Naomi Reed

Writer and Speaker

Naomi Reed is a writer and speaker who grew up in Sydney and studied physiotherapy with her husband Darren. They spent six years in Nepal with a medical mission (INF/Interserve) and during that time Naomi began to write. The six resulting books have become best-sellers in the Christian market. The family are now based in the Blue Mountains where Naomi is writing, speaking, and trying to keep up with their three sons and mad beagle.

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