Finding Faith


‘Finding Faith’ is Naomi Reed’s most recent book. It captures the stories of thirteen people from around the world who have come to know and love the Lord Jesus, out of other religious backgrounds.

“These lovely life stories, all true, and written in Naomi’s easy-to-read style, declare wonderfully that God is most powerfully real, vibrantly alive and at work, in all his eternal grace and love: men and women, drawn from a myriad of contexts and backgrounds, to know and love the Lord Jesus.  Read this book, and sing God’s praise! And share the good news of Jesus wherever you go.” Rose Dowsett, mission writer and researcher, UK



  1. Miriam Wei Wei Lo

    If you have ever wondered if God is real …

    If you have ever wondered if God exists outside of your own cultural space and time …

    If you have ever wondered how other people meet God …

    Read this book.

    These are stories from vastly different places: from middle-class Iran to a Nepali village without electricity, from small-town America to outback Australia. These are stories about vastly different people: powerful businessmen, female child labourers, questioning intellectuals, and enterprising mothers. In all these stories, God is at work: drawing people into relationship with himself, working through circumstance, through supernatural acts of power, and through the faithful witness of other Christians.

    A deeply encouraging book about life-transforming encounters with God.

    • Naomi Reed

      Thanks Miriam!

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