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It’s spring in the Blue Mountains and that’s always lovely. In our garden, the roses are about to bloom, any minute now… so I keep going outside, to check on them, just in case they’ve popped out while I’ve been inside. And as well as that, I’m writing a new story, called ‘The Gardener’… which gives me lots of excuses to write outside!
Thanks especially to those who have been reading ‘Finding Faith’, and passing it on. The book seems to be doing well and I’ve had lots of encouragement, including the possibility of collating more stories like that, and making them available online in an audio visual format. I’ll tell you more about that if it actually happens! As well as that, I’ve written a series of discussion questions to go with each chapter of Finding Faith, so if you would like these, please email me and I’ll send them to you, free of charge.
I’m also continuing to enjoy my role as an INF ambassador, and I recently had lovely speaking opportunities at churches and conferences in Canberra, Wentworth Falls, Wyong and Northside, Sydney. Last week in Wentworth Falls, I shared from John 21, which is an amazing account of Peter being restored by Jesus. But he’s not restored in order to be comfortable. He’s restored in order to serve. And that continues to be a challenge to me, every day, in all sorts of different ways! This month I’ll be speaking at a women’s conference in Yeppoon, and I’d love prayer for that.
If you would like a copy of any of my books, or The Zookeeper Lesson Plan (which would be perfect for term 4), please go to my book page. If you would like to be in contact, or make a booking, please send me a message on the contact page. I’d love to hear from you!
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The Plum Tree in the Desert

In 2013, Naomi was commissioned by Interserve to write a book telling the best stories of faith and mission in Asia and the Arab World, through the eyes of Interserve partners. She loved the whole process – travelling, interviewing the partners and writing up their amazing stories of God at work, even in the desert. ‘The Plum Tree in the Desert’ was released by Authentic Media in mid 2015 and is available on this website now!


My Seventh Monsoon is the first in Naomi Reed’s award-winning trilogy. It was written in Nepal during the monsoon of 2005, while Naomi was struggling with home-school, civil war and 120 days of rain. As she stared outside at the rain, she began to type and consider the way that God works his purposes in our lives through seasons. The book reads like ‘a very long cup of tea’ and was awarded second place in the Australian Christian Book of the Year Award, 2008


Heading Home is the third in the original series, following on from My Seventh Monsoon and No Ordinary View. It follows the family’s return to Australia and covers Naomi’s thoughts and reflections on the nature of home, belonging and purpose. It was published in June 2012.


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