Bible Thematic Talks

Naomi also speaks regularly at churches and large conventions, giving down-to-earth Biblical messages on the themes of seasons, God’s enabling, the body of Christ, comparison, our true home and the heart of mission.

Her topics include…


  1. Trusting God through the Seasons of Life (Ecc 3: 1-14)
  2. When we feel like giving up… (2 Cor 4)
  3. Finding our true home, wherever we are (John 15, Hebrews 11)
  4. When we struggle with comparison, Jesus says, ‘You follow me’ (John 21:15-22)
  5. Having a heart for mission, wherever we are. (Gen 12, John 4)
  6. Finish the Race (Acts 20)
  7. Work and Rest, what does it mean? (various scriptures)
  8. Mission. ‘Lord, what exactly do you want me to do?’ (John 6:1-15,25-29)
  9. If you want to be great, be the servant of all. (Mark 9:33-35, Mark 10:35-45)

Naomi was the keynote speaker at our INF dinner in Tulsa, Oklahoma in Oct 2012. Afterwards, every guest who talked to me said how blessed or encouraged or inspired or challenged for the better they were by her message. Everybody is asking for her books.

John Taylor

International Nepal Fellowship North America

Naomi is a person who has been impacted most profoundly by the gospel of Jesus and her life is filled with stories of the service and transformation that comes when God works through his word and his people. Naomi has a gift in taking biblical content and the core truths of the faith and connecting them to people’s lives with imagination, passion and relevance.

Rev Kirk Patston

Senior Lecturer in Old Testament, SMBC